Some thoughts on Grieving

I should be happy and you should be happy. We should be living happily with all our loved ones living life. But we all must learn that everything must come to an end. An end to life. Life as we knew it when we thought everything was just fine and normal. When you forget that bad things happen and there is nothing in this world can stop it.

We all deal with this pain in our own ways. There is no right way or wrong way. I guess maybe it would be wrong if your answer to this was self destruction. Sometimes some of us may fall harder then others and there is nothing wrong when you reach out for help. Don’t ever forget that your not alone. It may feel like it. Like your all alone in this dark room where no one can hear you. Believe me there are times when we all feel like we can’t breathe but we are not alone.

When you lose someone that was very close to your heart you lose a piece of yourself that you can’t get back. You just have to learn to cope and try your best to go on living. I know that my loved ones would not want me to stop living. I know that your loved one also would want you to live a happy productive life. Even if it feels like life can’t go on as hard as it is we must.

But what do you do when you are stuck in your mind. You live your daily life doing all the normal things even being happy in some great moments with the other people you love dearly. But then at night when you lay awake and your thoughts keep you awake you replay moments. Then you start to think ok what if we did this? What if we did that? Maybe if? All these questions keeping you up at night. It does eat away at us at night I know it does.

We have all lost someone close to us whether its a baby, sister, brother, mother, father, son, daughter, wife, husband, best friend, cousin, pet. The point is all of us know in ways what we are going through. We get up each day after. We live our lives doing the things we do day to day. We just have no choice in the matter. They are gone and we wake each and every day grieving till its our time.

We can also learn to really live again. To talk to people again. To love again. To chase dreams. All this grieving and loss happens to us all. But we can connect and share our thoughts out in the open. We can tell other people that are going through the same feelings as you are that its going to be ok. That its not a bad thing to live again happy.

Some of us may be stuck right now in grief. Where it feels like it will not end. We may also be scared to try be happy again. I feel like this sometimes. Be kind to yourself during these times. Take time to eat. Take time to cry. Take time out. Do what you need to do to make yourself comfortable. Do what you need to do to get through these hard days. Just try really hard to remember that all days are not going to be like this.




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